Pascal Sommer

# Art is Happening - 2020-08-05

Graffiti in Progress

# Candle Light - 2020-07-30

very balanced light sources, i like it

# Hanging Out Near Reflections - 2020-07-25

Such a relaxing mess of reflections

# Some Green Textures - 2020-07-22

One of the prettier shortcuts in and around Bern.

# Needs More Fog - 2020-07-16

can't stop the fog photos

# Schaffhausen - 2020-07-12

such a bright blue
Did anyone find a more patriotic photo anywhere on my website than this?
This bridge is further from the waterfall than what you'd think from this photo.
The pylon of the Rheinbr├╝cke N4 is peeking out over the trees.
along the Rhine
funky windows

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