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# Szentkirályszabadja - 2019-01-20

Next to the runway at Szentkirályszabadjai Repülőtér
Lovely texture on this building.
Looking out the window of what once was a school

# Balaton - 2019-01-16

Ferry terminal on Tihany
Photo by Pascal Sommer
46°55'28"N 17°52'02"E

# Győr - 2019-01-13

Looking northwards up the Mosoni-Duna river
On the Mosoni-Duna river
Birds above the Mosoni-Duna river in Győr
Kossuth híd

# Bern's Streets in Winter - 2019-01-06

Hirschengraben Bern
Light traffic in Bern around christmas

# Bannwil - 2018-12-30

Next to the train stop Bannwil
Yes, I photographed the same street corner twice, once during the day, and once when I got back in the evening.

# Some more Landscapes from November - 2018-12-24

Photo by Pascal Sommer
Photo by Pascal Sommer
Photo by Pascal Sommer

10 / 48

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