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# Budapest Facades - 2019-01-27

from an aesthetic point of view this is by far the nicest construction work cover i've ever seen
Photo by Pascal Sommer
Colour palette in Budapest as always on point.
Photo by Pascal Sommer

# Szentkirályszabadja - 2019-01-20

Next to the runway at Szentkirályszabadjai Repülőtér
Lovely texture on this building.
Looking out the window of what once was a school

# Balaton - 2019-01-16

Ferry terminal on Tihany
Photo by Pascal Sommer
46°55'28"N 17°52'02"E

# Győr - 2019-01-13

Looking northwards up the Mosoni-Duna river
On the Mosoni-Duna river
Birds above the Mosoni-Duna river in Győr
Kossuth híd

# Bern's Streets in Winter - 2019-01-06

Hirschengraben Bern
Light traffic in Bern around christmas

# Bannwil - 2018-12-30

Next to the train stop Bannwil
Yes, I photographed the same street corner twice, once during the day, and once when I got back in the evening.

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