Pascal Sommer

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# It's Snowing Again - 2020-02-29

The snow, as it's falling in Kirchlindach
The snow didn't last for very long.

# Limmat - 2020-02-29

Limmat, as seen from Bahnhofbrücke Zürich

# Diagonal Shadows - 2020-02-23

Might do some travelling around Switzerland to find all the bridges designed by Christian Menn because this is just beautiful.
observing the neighbour's plant

# Smooth Light at ETH - 2020-02-21

Outside ETH ETA F5
Main entrance of ETH Zurich

# Statue in a Pool - 2020-02-17

The statue doesn't even look that pretty, I'm just here for the shadow and indirect light.

# Evening Walk through Zurich - 2020-02-15

Shot through a wooden fence while walking.
This is the kind of residential architecture I want to see more often.

4 / 62

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