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# Valaam - 2019-06-22

Enduring the onslaught of mosquitoes.
Photo by Pascal Sommer
this fog exceeds all my hopes
My favourite spot on Valaam
I stood there watching the front of our ship being swallowed by the fog within seconds.
Departure from Valaam

# Surprise Squirrel - 2019-06-20

speedy fella

# Кавголово - 2019-06-19

The occasional train rushing past provided a welcome change from the constant side wind while walking along the tracks.
This guy was facing considerable headwinds during his call
Photo by Pascal Sommer

# Architecture in St Petersburg - 2019-06-17

Apartment houses in the Primorsky District of St Petersburg
Конногвардейский переулок
Near St Petersburg's main train station
Sunset over the Palace Bridge
Валаамский монастырь

# прогулка по крышам - 2019-06-15

Enter the maze
Taking a break from all the climbing

# Windows in St Petersburg - 2019-06-13

Wondering if we should go back outside again in this heat
On a cruise ship near Valaam
Торфяная дорога, Санкт-Петербург
Old industrial hall, repurposed to indoor skating area
When the reflection is more interesting than the direct view

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