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# Szabadság szobor - 2018-07-16

It's by no means a long way up to the statue, but at those temperatures...
Photo by Pascal Sommer
On this side of the statue, there was at least some shade available.
Photo by Pascal Sommer

# Namur - 2018-07-16

Île Vas-t'y-Frotte
Near the Namur Citadel
Namur Central Station

# Liège-Guillemins railway station - 2018-07-08

Liège Train Station is now officially rank 2 on my personal "Most Beautiful Trains Stations" list.
why is this train station so perfect
look at those curves
the grids are amazing

# Forest Flash - 2018-07-01

Handheld 0.8 second exposure with flash, camera rotating during the exposure.
4 second handheld exposure with flash

# Eichholz - 2018-06-24

Photo by Pascal Sommer
Photo by Pascal Sommer
Photo by Pascal Sommer

# Evening Trees - 2018-06-17

Below this bridge runs the A1 highway
46°57'23"N 7°30'25"E, seen from 46°58'00.9"N 7°31'02.3"E
rain started right after that
Shot out of a moving car, hence the blur.

12 / 44

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