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# Stromboli - 2018-10-03

Descending from Stromboli
Photo by Pascal Sommer

# Cavagrande del Cassibile - 2018-09-30

Photo by Pascal Sommer
The tunnel is walkable, although not for very long as it quickly gets too narrow.
Had to wait multiple minutes for the kid to bring up the courage and jump in the water, but I certainly wasn't going to miss this shot.

# Driving through Italy - 2018-09-23

Mount Etna in the background
Countryside near Enna
36°55'53"N 15°06'28"E
Photo by Pascal Sommer

# Ear of Dionysius, Siracusa - 2018-09-23

Really getting in to the whole silhouette thing recently
This place is a lot bigger than what I initially expected

# Outlines - 2018-09-16

Feel the Limbo
Our tour guide helping out in multiple ways
924m above sea level, right next to the ocean.

# Reflected Palm Trees - 2018-09-09

Milazzo, Sicily

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