Pascal Sommer

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# OK Some More Fog - 2019-12-11

still working on this aesthetic
Probably the S8 going towards Bern.

# On My Way To Work - 2019-12-08

Just one of the many nice views I get to enjoy on my way to work during the fog season.
This spot will be quite familiar by now to all my regular visitors.
My bike, still going for that modeling career.

# Colours of the Fog - 2019-12-04

A6, Bern
Somewhere near Ostermundigen

# Cycling Through the Fog - 2019-12-02

Can't stop using my bike for these photos.
Perfect window at eye height.
fog was cute, might delete later

# Evening at ETH - 2019-12-01

stairs to ETH Polymensa

# Morning Train Journey - 2019-11-30

Waiting for the train to start its delayed journey.
Time for some more rolling shutter.

16 / 71

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