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# View From the Train - 2019-06-03

Had to sit on the floor on my journey from Bern to Zurich. The view was worth it.

# Zagreb - 2019-06-02

I've never seen a city put so much thought in to lines of sight like Zagreb does.

# Serbian Wedding - 2019-06-01

Photo by Pascal Sommer
it's customary to sneak up to the musicians from behind to stick a tip somewhere in their instrument while causing as little distraction as possible

# Београд - 2019-05-23

Visible in the background is the Genex Tower
Near the centre of Belgrade, on Kolarčeva
Photo by Pascal Sommer
On the way to Beograd Centar
Petlja Mostar, Belgrade
Petlja Mostar might be one of the most beautiful bridges I've ever seen

# Across Bulgaria by Train - 2019-05-20

all across the Balkans I saw some beautiful graffiti on trains
БДЖ have such a beautiful logo

# Quiet Day in Shumen - 2019-05-19

Guarding the property
cat sneaking past that geared up tourist
Near the eastern edge of the city

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