Pascal Sommer

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# View from Bantiger - 2020-12-24

some good atmosphere

# First Snow - 2020-12-17

Cables disappearing into the fog like that is exactly my aesthetic.
here for that sledding shredding

# Prism - 2020-12-17

some crystal shenanigans going on here
back when trees had leaves

# Photography Among the Trees - 2020-12-10


# Speedy Duck - 2020-12-10

look at it go

# To a Thousand Birds - 2020-12-05

This is the 1000th photo on this website.

Note that the photo IDs have reached the number 1000 a while ago already, this is because I don't end up publishing every photo that I upload to this website. Some photos get deleted after some consideration, which means that the actual number of public photos has been dragging behind.

Thank you to all my regular visitors, I hope to keep you entertained with the next 1000 photos.

2 / 71

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