Pascal Sommer

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# Layers - 2019-07-20

I often pass by these houses but this is the first time I've seen them from this angle

# Vape Bubbles - 2019-07-13

no excessive amount of vaping was required for this shoot
Moon in the background

# Münchenbuchsee's Evening Skies - 2019-07-06

Photo by Pascal Sommer
Münchenbuchsee again delivers on the cloud formation side.

# Schiffenensee - 2019-07-01

trees for scale
shouldn't be too deep
he's got the aesthetics

# Self Portrait - 2019-06-28

Self portrait... kinda

# Birds in the Fog - 2019-06-22

This bird, it knows what's good
why does it look like the bird is causing these waves

21 / 71

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