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# прогулка по крышам - 2019-06-15

Enter the maze
Taking a break from all the climbing

# Windows in St Petersburg - 2019-06-13

Wondering if we should go back outside again in this heat
On a cruise ship near Valaam
Торфяная дорога, Санкт-Петербург
Old industrial hall, repurposed to indoor skating area
When the reflection is more interesting than the direct view

# Friedenslinde - 2019-06-07

Landscape near Biglen
Asking people to not turn around just yet, because I need to tweak the exposure time some more to get the exact length of streaks I was going for. And what are you up to?
Accurate summary of Swiss youth culture. Desktop background: photo #photo256#.
More silhouettes, because what else did you expect to see on this website.
Running ahead of the group to turn around and get a silhouette photo, clutching in one hand my camera and some snacks in the other.
2am shenanigans
Someone feeling like calculating my shutter speed from the length of the motion blur?

# Köniz Architecture - 2019-06-07

Construction work in Köniz

# Sigriswil - 2019-06-06

Some lovely clouds forming
nice foliage on that house

# Zurich Sunset - 2019-06-03

Zurich as seen from the top of ETH Zurich

24 / 72

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