Pascal Sommer

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# Sneaky Bird - 2019-09-01

about to snatch some food

# Windows in Motion - 2019-08-25

Somewhere between Visp and Martigny
on a boat near St. Petersburg
Felsenauviadukt in Bern

# Bundeshaus at Night - 2019-08-18

Taken shortly after midnight

# Villars sur Ollon - 2019-08-11

bus window reflections
neither her first nor her last visit to Switzerland
On the train to Lausanne

# Vogel im BOGA - 2019-08-04

Sparrow! Taken in the BOGA, Botanischer Garten Bern

# Botanischer Garten Bern - 2019-08-03

one of the most beautiful buildings in Bern in my opinion
Stairs up to the pretty building seen on the other photos in this post

24 / 75

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