Pascal Sommer

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# Firth of Forth - 2019-05-09

Near Edinburgh Newhaven
Forth Bridges

# Pentland Hills - 2019-05-09

One of the thousands of sheep on Pendland Hills
You might walk right past this small waterfall if you don't go looking for it.
0.5 seconds

# Eagle Rock - 2019-05-09

Don't know where the red colour comes from. If anyone knows feel free to comment below.
Little Valley

# Shilouettes in Edinburgh - 2019-05-08

Calton Hill again
On Calton Hill
Photo by Pascal Sommer
Scott Monument

# Architecture in Edinburgh - 2019-05-06

Princes Street, Edinburgh
Reflections is why we do this whole architecture thing
Murrayfield Stadium

# Scottish Birds - 2019-05-05

Now look at this good birb
Some nice wind to surf in these spots

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