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# At the Office - 2020-03-23

Sunlit office

# Fancy Lights - 2020-03-20

Grauholz at Night
I mean realistically there's no reason nor justification for this building to spam that much light out to the surrounding area, but it just looks so damn cool.

# What - 2020-03-14

Don't try to figure out what this is, it's not that important. Just enjoy it for the aesthetics.

# Sunny Saturday Morning - 2020-03-08

some symmetry for once
are we being followed?

# Zollikofen Evening - 2020-03-04

And now we'll all try to decide together if "bus stop" should be a new tag on this website? Or maybe "reflections"?

Update: there is now a reflections tag

# It's Snowing Again - 2020-02-29

The snow, as it's falling in Kirchlindach
The snow didn't last for very long.

28 / 87

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