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# Approaching Frankfurt - 2019-03-30

train aesthetics
The skyline of Frankfurt's Bankenviertel (financial district) is visible in the background.

# Hannover Mitte - 2019-03-29

A quite public, yet relaxing place to hang out at Hannover Mitte

# Fisherman - 2019-03-24

Photo by Pascal Sommer
Photo by Pascal Sommer

# Pond Reflections - 2019-03-20

Photo by Pascal Sommer
Photo by Pascal Sommer

# Evening Sledding - 2019-03-17

On the way to Isenfluh
Gondola from Isenfluh to Sulwald
Not every part of the hill was steep enough to get some speed going

# Another Walk in Ittigen - 2019-03-15

This is a popular shortcut for the kids on the way to/from school.
Photo by Pascal Sommer
The cat was busy and so didn't have much time to be posing for the camera

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