Pascal Sommer

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# Chutzenturm - 2022-05-11

this looks so clean
are the trees a bit too bright?
some lovely soft light
if you squint a bit the background kinda looks like a large shadow of the foreground
this photo was taken facing pretty much straight up

# Watching over Zurich - 2022-05-05

much green. see also photo #photo979# or #photo931#.
are you tired of this spot yet?
much purple. this is a great viewing platform as already demonstrated in photo #photo959#.

# Morocco VI - 2022-04-27

Hassan II Bridge
The cemetery by the sea

# Morocco V - People by the Sea - 2022-04-25

the walls of the national photography museum look beautiful in this rocky landscape
enjoying the view

# Morocco IV - Cats - 2022-04-23

overlooking the market
overlooking the outer edge of the market

# Morocco III - Nature - 2022-04-21

Photo by Pascal Sommer
there were thousands of them. THOUSANDS i tell you

3 / 81

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