Pascal Sommer

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# Sunday Walk with Peter - 2018-11-07

This is so cheesy. I can however assure you that none of this was staged.

# Sunday Morning Fog - 2018-11-04

The only weather that can make me get up and go outside on a Sunday morning.
Some good Sunday morning air

# Männlichen - 2018-10-28

Looking over towards Sulegg
Seen from the peak of mount Männlichen

# Ittigen's Evening Colours - 2018-10-21

Same location as in photo #photo614#.

# Meienried - 2018-10-14

no please stay here i need to take more photos
Not sure if this is the same bird as in the other picture, the photos were taken more than half an hour apart.

# Messina Street Corner - 2018-10-13

38°11'03.0"N 15°33'35.5"E

Right by the central station

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