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# Remaining Trees - 2018-03-19

Some trees that survived the storm "Burglind" last January, and some that didn't.
46°59'12.2"N 7°29'04.2"E
Probably not the same bird I saw there last time (post #post119#), but you never know..

# Mirrors - 2018-03-16

at the Einstein Museum Bern
Oh hi there

# Street Snow - 2018-03-10

Why can't we all just get these nice cold LEDs everywhere?

# Power Lines - 2018-03-03

On a hill in Bolligen

# Wankdorf - 2018-02-28

Politicians in the Stade de Suisse
This photo was to be expected as soon as I got my hands on a 17mm full frame lens.

# Worblaufen at Night - 2018-02-24

Back at my old school
geometry is a fascinating subject

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