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# Meienried - 2018-10-14

no please stay here i need to take more photos
Not sure if this is the same bird as in the other picture, the photos were taken more than half an hour apart.

# Messina Street Corner - 2018-10-13

38°11'03.0"N 15°33'35.5"E

Right by the central station

# Stromboli Island - 2018-10-07

The volcano during daytime
Volcanic rocks on Stromboli

# Black Sand - 2018-10-03

Walking up towards the crater of Stromboli

# Stromboli - 2018-10-03

Descending from Stromboli
didn't even have to do any lining up

# Cavagrande del Cassibile - 2018-09-30

Photo by Pascal Sommer
The tunnel is walkable, although not for very long as it quickly gets too narrow.
Had to wait multiple minutes for the kid to bring up the courage and jump in the water, but I certainly wasn't going to miss this shot.

37 / 72

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