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# Window Seat - 2018-12-02

Zurich -> Sofia

# Evening Cyclist - 2018-12-02

I can't imagine such a bright light being too practical, especially for any oncomers' eye sight, but it sure does look pretty in this angle...

# Some More November Fog - 2018-11-24

it's November, let's go enter dreamland
strategically placed overhead line mast
the drivers might not be too happy about it but i love this fog

# Fog in Worblaufen - 2018-11-18

this bridge was in fact built to support the fog aesthetic, along with the train tracks
i mean it's good but it could do with some more fog
Photo by Pascal Sommer
construction work on one of my fav bridges
railway infrastructure in the fog. of course I take out my camera.

# Headlights through the fog - 2018-11-17

Photo by Pascal Sommer
Photo by Pascal Sommer
Photo by Pascal Sommer
Photo by Pascal Sommer
zooming through the spotlight

# Autumn Morning Landscapes - 2018-11-11

This photo was taken on my way to work. I was hoping for a photo like this, and had my camera ready.
Some early snow visible in the distance
Photo by Pascal Sommer

37 / 74

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