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# Worblaufen at Night - 2018-02-24

Back at my old school
geometry is a fascinating subject

# Aargauerstalden - 2018-02-22

Yes, the people aren't in focus. The focus is on the trees. Trees are important.
Focusing is difficult

# Winter Birds - 2018-02-16

came out for the sunset, stayed for the crows
The good kind of blur
It's all about perspective and backgrounds

# London Architecture - 2018-02-12

England has this kind of harsh, yet warm light, that I haven't yet seen anywhere else. This was shot near Borough Market.
walk-past quick-scope photo
Near North Greenwich
Near North Greenwich
There are some fascinating wall textures down in London Bridge Underground Station
At the Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Nope, I'm not gonna call this "Stairway to Heaven", screw you.

# London Night Walk - 2018-02-07

Shoreditch Park
Regent's Canal
Regent's Canal
Construction between Smithfield Market and St. Paul's Cathedral
Walking past construction work in London

# Sudden Snowstorm - 2018-02-05

When snow and fog collaborate to create the prettiest of gradients
Sudden snowstorm in Ittigen
Photo by Pascal Sommer
Photo by Pascal Sommer

44 / 72

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