Pascal Sommer

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# København - 2018-01-31

In Sydhavnen

# HafenCity - 2018-01-30

53°32'45.8"N 10°00'07.7"E
On the Elbpromenade. Not strictly HafenCity, but I don't care.
Moss on a Streetlight, Birds

# Hamburg - 2018-01-25

A Finnish ship that ended up here near Hamburg because its engine spontaneously exploded in 1926
Escalators for pedestrians to cross the Willy Brandt Straße (B4) in Hamburg.

# Stålenhagian Stockholm - 2018-01-21

Near the ferry terminal
Kaknästornet, a TV tower on the outskirts of Stockholm

# LKAB - 2018-01-20

67°51'24"N 20°12'40"E

View on Kiirunavaara and the LKAB premises.

# Exploring Kiruna - 2018-01-19

67°52'39"N 20°11'19"E
67°52'35"N 20°09'41"E
67°51'33"N 20°13'36"E
67°51'48.2"N 20°14'49.2"E
Just north of the city

45 / 72

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