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# Luossavaara - 2018-01-17

67°52'32.2"N 20°13'20.3"E

# Train Journey to Kiruna - 2018-01-15

Actually found a kinda clean train window
Above the arctic circle

# Train Ferry - 2018-01-09

54°30'00.2"N 11°13'36.4"E
Between Germany and Denmark

# New Year's Eve in Kiruna - 2018-01-01

I should take a photo like this every year..
This guy was driving round town all afternoon
New Year's Eve party at -20°C

# Some More Fog in a Forest - 2017-12-30

I rotated this photo by 180 degrees and liked it more that way, but I don't know why.

# Do you like grain as much as I do? - 2017-12-26

PostParc Bern

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