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# Kreis 5 and 10 in Fog - 2019-02-10

Kirche Wipkingen
Seen from Käferberg
Again with the Prime Tower visible in the background

# Snowman - 2019-02-07

built on a foggy hill

# Snow and Fog - 2019-02-03

Snow and fog is the best combination
Photo by Pascal Sommer

# Budapest Facades - 2019-01-27

from an aesthetic point of view this is by far the nicest construction work cover i've ever seen
Photo by Pascal Sommer
Colour palette in Budapest as always on point.
Photo by Pascal Sommer

# Szentkirályszabadja - 2019-01-20

Next to the runway at Szentkirályszabadjai Repülőtér
Lovely texture on this building.
Looking out the window of what once was a school

# Balaton - 2019-01-16

Ferry terminal on Tihany
Photo by Pascal Sommer
46°55'28"N 17°52'02"E

48 / 87

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