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# Oeschinensee Lightbeams - 2017-08-21

If anyone knows about a multi-year timelapse of a place like this then please let me know.
anyone wanna give me a how 2 on non-obvious staging?

# Purple Fire - 2017-08-13

Fireworks on the Swiss National Day, 1. August
Update, almost a year later: some of the trees visible in this photo are gone now :(

# Box on a Wall - 2017-08-07

Box on a wall.

# Stringer de Boer - 2017-07-30

The Stringer de Boer Duo, which managed to deliver a nice performance, despite the wind and nearby party music giving them a hard time.

# Haarlem - 2017-07-23

Photo by Pascal Sommer
i need more refractions to result in patterns like this

# Amsterdam - 2017-07-16

When bikes go missing but instead turn in to art
Spent an afternoon with this homeless guy who's fluent in at least 4 languages.
Photo by Pascal Sommer

49 / 71

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