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# Tall Plants - 2020-04-27

Wide-angle shenanigans

# On the Roofs - 2020-04-23

A sunny spot but also extremely windy.
Note how the angle of the shadows is slightly off from the angle of the stairs. This annoys me more than it should.

# Forest - 2020-04-22

Photo by Pascal Sommer
Short bike ride through the forest.

# Going Home - 2020-04-12

Along my way back home from work.

# Industrial Quarantine Vibe - 2020-04-06

Back at it again with that industrial quarantine vibe.

Expect more wide-angle photos to pop up on here. Also feel free to point this statement out to me when a few months after this there's still nothing new.

# Glass Layers - 2020-03-30

count the layers of glass for a fun challenge
Needs more reflections.

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