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# Fancy Evening Sky - 2022-08-05

Kirche Fraum√ľnster

I'm loving the reflections on the tram window

# Dandelion - 2022-07-04

the fleeting kind of moment

# Green Aare - 2022-06-03

always watching

# Spring Aesthetics - 2022-05-29

some nice light rays
photos that you can smell
A familiar location. 614. 651.

# Trees in Zurich - 2022-05-16

just the right amount of colour on an otherwise flat background
architecture plus some green out of focus. lovin it.

# Chutzenturm - 2022-05-11

this looks so clean
are the trees a bit too bright?
some lovely soft light
if you squint a bit the background kinda looks like a large shadow of the foreground
this photo was taken facing pretty much straight up

8 / 87

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