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Landscape near Biglen
Asking people to not turn around just yet, because I need to tweak the exposure time some more to get the exact length of streaks I was going for. And what are you up to?
Accurate summary of Swiss youth culture. Desktop background: photo #photo256#.
More silhouettes, because what else did you expect to see on this website.
Running ahead of the group to turn around and get a silhouette photo, clutching in one hand my camera and some snacks in the other.
2am shenanigans
Someone feeling like calculating my shutter speed from the length of the motion blur?
Construction work in Köniz
Some lovely clouds forming
Photo by Pascal Sommer
Zurich as seen from the top of ETH Zurich
Had to sit on the floor on my journey from Bern to Zurich. The view was worth it.
On the train from Zurich to Bern
Landesmuseum Zürich
Right past the Jet d'Eau, Genève

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