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needs more green
Lovely shapes on this field
This photo is more about light, ignore the rest
A sunny spot but also extremely windy.
Note how the angle of the shadows is slightly off from the angle of the stairs. This annoys me more than it should.
Along my way back home from work.
Back at it again with that industrial quarantine vibe.

Expect more wide-angle photos to pop up on here. Also feel free to point this statement out to me when a few months after this there's still nothing new.
count the layers of glass for a fun challenge
Needs more reflections.
Sunlit office
Grauholz at Night
I mean realistically there's no reason nor justification for this building to spam that much light out to the surrounding area, but it just looks so damn cool.
Limmat, as seen from Bahnhofbrücke Zürich
Might do some travelling around Switzerland to find all the bridges designed by Christian Menn because this is just beautiful.

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