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count the layers of glass for a fun challenge
Needs more reflections.
Sunlit office
Grauholz at Night
I mean realistically there's no reason nor justification for this building to spam that much light out to the surrounding area, but it just looks so damn cool.
Limmat, as seen from Bahnhofbrücke Zürich
Might do some travelling around Switzerland to find all the bridges designed by Christian Menn because this is just beautiful.
observing the neighbour's plant
Outside ETH ETA F5
Main entrance of ETH Zurich
The statue doesn't even look that pretty, I'm just here for the shadow and indirect light.
This is the kind of residential architecture I want to see more often.
Taken from 47°04'10.9"N 7°18'31.3"E
46°58'21.9"N 7°25'04.3"E. I saw two bikes slide and fall that morning on the bridge.
Zamek Książ

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