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Парк-паметник на българо-съветската дружба
the drivers might not be too happy about it but i love this fog
Photo by Pascal Sommer
Milazzo, Sicily
when even the Sony A7sII can't handle the darkness anymore
View from Bantiger towards Bern
Löchligut, Bern
Our skies on the 1st of August
Sadly, there's no way to access the area, so I had to take my photos from outside the perimeter.
A pipeline going across the Bokodi-hűtőtó lake
Entering Kecskéd
On this side of the statue, there was at least some shade available.
Below this bridge runs the A1 highway
46°57'23"N 7°30'25"E, seen from 46°58'00.9"N 7°31'02.3"E
Olympiaturm München

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