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Should I add a "backlit" tag?
Kaknästornet, a TV tower on the outskirts of Stockholm
67°51'24"N 20°12'40"E

View on Kiirunavaara and the LKAB premises.
67°52'35"N 20°09'41"E
Creux du Van, Neuchâtel
At the Beach Of Juodkrante, Curonian Spit
Juodkrante, Curonian Spit
anyone wanna give me a how 2 on non-obvious staging?
Fireworks on the Swiss National Day, 1. August
I'm so glad this fisherman has a sense of colour, and didn't turn up in a bright orange vest.
This looks a bit like something out of a biblical story to me
Feeling a Simon Stålenhag vibe in this one
Photo by Pascal Sommer
Adding another shot from the probably most photographed spot in the area

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