Pascal Sommer

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Self portrait... kinda
Enter the maze
Taking a break from all the climbing
Accurate summary of Swiss youth culture. Desktop background: photo #photo256#.
More silhouettes, because what else did you expect to see on this website.
Running ahead of the group to turn around and get a silhouette photo, clutching in one hand my camera and some snacks in the other.
2am shenanigans
Someone feeling like calculating my shutter speed from the length of the motion blur?
Calton Hill again
A quite public, yet relaxing place to hang out at Hannover Mitte
I can't imagine such a bright light being too practical, especially for any oncomers' eye sight, but it sure does look pretty in this angle...
Photo by Pascal Sommer
Descending from Stromboli
Feel the Limbo

2 / 5

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