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4 second exposure of a bike whizzing past my bike.
1.3s leaning against some railing
And now we'll all try to decide together if "bus stop" should be a new tag on this website? Or maybe "reflections"?

Update: there is now a reflections tag
still working on this aesthetic
Winding our way up Belpberg
jup, that's enough things in focus. i don't need any more things to be in focus.
2am shenanigans
Union Canal
I can't imagine such a bright light being too practical, especially for any oncomers' eye sight, but it sure does look pretty in this angle...
Photo by Pascal Sommer
when even the Sony A7sII can't handle the darkness anymore
View from Bantiger towards Bern
Photo by Pascal Sommer
Handheld 0.8 second exposure with flash, camera rotating during the exposure.

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