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along the Rhine
He always loves to zoom ahead and wait for us at the next junction.
heard you lot like my bike
And now we'll all try to decide together if "bus stop" should be a new tag on this website? Or maybe "reflections"?
The snow, as it's falling in Kirchlindach
Winding our way up Belpberg
bus window reflections
On the way to Isenfluh
Gondola from Isenfluh to Sulwald
Not every part of the hill was steep enough to get some speed going
I can't imagine such a bright light being too practical, especially for any oncomers' eye sight, but it sure does look pretty in this angle...
strategically placed overhead line mast
the drivers might not be too happy about it but i love this fog
Photo by Pascal Sommer
Löchligut, Bern

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