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car eyes
what a view
for once it's not my own bike on my photos, mainly because I didn't have it with me there
What you see in the bottom right is the frame of the car in which I am currently sitting, holding the camera out of the window.
47°28'14"N 7°47'33"E
along the Rhine
what an evening to watch some trains
He always loves to zoom ahead and wait for us at the next junction.
Love those mirror shots.

See also: #photo1015#, #photo943#
heard you lot like my bike
Grauholz at Night
I mean realistically there's no reason nor justification for this building to spam that much light out to the surrounding area, but it just looks so damn cool.
are we being followed?
And now we'll all try to decide together if "bus stop" should be a new tag on this website? Or maybe "reflections"?

Update: there is now a reflections tag
The snow, as it's falling in Kirchlindach

2 / 13

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