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# Neuchâtel Birds - 2020-10-03

Photo by Pascal Sommer
look at all those birds

# It's Rain Season - 2020-09-28

why film grain if you could just use the rain
fav tree
looks very green

# Crossing the A1 - 2020-09-21

not so wide angle
wide angle

# On a Bike Tour - 2020-09-16

Ruine Alt-Bechburg
By the Burgäschisee

# Italian Greenery - 2020-09-09

What you see in the bottom right is the frame of the car in which I am currently sitting, holding the camera out of the window.
needs more green

# Imperia - 2020-09-03

Instagram Vibes
about to jump in
At the top of Imperia

20 / 86

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