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# Monuments - 2023-05-12

nice sunny day to go look at some monuments that are located on a hill with just about the worst roads leading up that you've ever seen

Пантеон Майка България
Спомен парк Бубањ in Niš

# Kosovo - 2023-05-05

an orthodox church right next to the national university library of Kosovo
quite like the way this highway snakes its way through the mountains

# Macedonian Landscapes - 2023-04-30

Old Mavrovo Church
dodgy road to cycle depending on drivers' moods
inside the Matka canyon
cat joining us for a snack

# Mavrovo National Park - 2023-04-24

two young dogs checking out the area
fisherman approaching his spot
those are some cool cliffs
lunch break in an abandoned building near Debar

# Montenegro - 2023-04-22

Комбинат aлуминијума Подгорица
On the outskirts of Podgorica
Lake Skadar
Ascending on the Sutorman pass
Podgorica at Night

# Southern Croatia - 2023-04-07

Handheld long exposures always lead to such pretty trees
by the old Dubrovnik city walls
Early sunshine near 43°00'23"N 17°28'54"E
Somewhere on Hvar

3 / 87

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