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# Ciclovia Alpe-Adria - 2022-12-21

46°27'58.8"N 13°17'37.4"E
this photo doesn't capture just how busy that cycling route was
such a pretty blue
starting at this point the river bed just keeps getting wider and wider
the bridge might block most of the view but at the same time it is quite pretty itself
cute waterfall
needs more green
the stairs seemed to be solid enough to still walk around on

# DJ on a Bike - 2022-12-09

dj on wheels in Zurich

# Cyclists on Bridges - 2022-12-09

okay this is not exactly a bridge but i don't care okay
Photo 975 but it's summer
on the bridge is under the bridge

# Austrian Ducks - 2022-12-08

off to new adventures
hi there

# English Countryside - 2022-12-06

Photo by Pascal Sommer
Photo by Pascal Sommer

# St Pancras - 2022-12-04

fancy seating area
loving this style

5 / 87

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