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# View From Bantiger at Night - 2018-08-27

View from Bantiger towards Bern

# Bern's Trains - 2018-08-20

Löchligut, Bern
Crossing the river Aare
Leaving Bern's Central Station, northbound.

# Texture - 2018-08-13

Our skies on the 1st of August
Kossuth Lajos Tér, Budapest
Wave patterns, seen from the ferry

# Harendegg - 2018-08-05

A fellow photographer preparing for the lunar eclipse
The mountain visible is Schrattenfluh
Photo by Pascal Sommer
Photo by Pascal Sommer

# Újpest - 2018-07-29

Sadly, there's no way to access the area, so I had to take my photos from outside the perimeter.
Photo by Pascal Sommer

# Oroszlány és Kecskéd - 2018-07-22

A pipeline going across the Bokodi-hűtőtó lake
This path is visible on google maps. It did not get better from here on.
The pipeline, as it's approaching Bokodi-hűtőtó
Entering Kecskéd
The Bokodi Floating Village near Oroszlány

54 / 87

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