Pascal Sommer

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# Creux du Van - 2017-03-26

Adding another shot from the probably most photographed spot in the area
Everyone looking at the cliffs while the landscape behind them be aesthetic as fk
Camera taking a nap.
Living the photographer life

# Bern, seen through the Minolta - 2017-03-19

Reflections of a commuter, captured with the Minolta XD7
when the sun decides to light up your water
Photo by Pascal Sommer

# Grungy aerial shots - 2017-03-12

I feel like grungy aerial shots is the way to go
Needs more grunge

# Fog on Rails - 2017-03-11

Photo by Pascal Sommer

# Guess what, another bird! - 2017-03-11

I'm more like "The Photographer Who Cried Bird"..

# Birds chillin' - 2017-03-08

The other birds didn't appear particularly eager to participate in the spontaneous YMCA dance..
Photo by Pascal Sommer

62 / 80

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