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# Somewhere Above Habstetten - 2017-05-21

ok i might be overdoing it with the saturation here
The communications tower Chasseral, as seen from almost 40km away.

# omg Bird! - 2017-05-14

Luckily this bird was circling around there, almost as if it had been waiting for me to take a photo.

# Away - 2017-05-07

Graffiti in Worblaufen

# By the River - 2017-04-30

Reflections on the water surface
A .3 second exposure of the "Chräbsbach" in Zollikofen
Look, I created a Rorschach test!

# Transmission Tower - 2017-04-23

i want to thank the people designing these for also caring about aesthetics

# Lunch Break in Thun - 2017-04-17

Lunch Break
I now miss my lunch breaks in Thun, used to walk around town for half an hour every day.

62 / 81

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