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# London Overground - 2017-12-05

The London Overground through Acton

# Liverpool Cyclist - 2017-11-30

Victoria Street, Liverpool

# Knights - 2017-11-24

Creux du Van, Neuchâtel

# Heinrich Heine Allee - 2017-11-13

Heinrich Heine Allee in Düsseldorf

# Streets of Chester - 2017-11-08

The Chester canal, with the Steam Mill visible in the background
Photo by Pascal Sommer
Every morning, this cat spends a few hours looking at passersby
By the river Dee, where I've spent countless hours
Photo by Pascal Sommer

# Andromeda - 2017-10-31

Combined from about 20 exposures of 6 seconds each.
The milky way was visible to the naked eye, which is not something you can experience in many places in Switzerland, due to light pollution.

62 / 87

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