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# Croatian Coasts - 2023-03-23

what a view
Photo by Pascal Sommer
waiting for the ferry
Dubrovnik Stari Grad

# Croatian Churches - 2023-03-13

Crkva sv. Luka
Crkva sv. Duha u Vrbanju
Crkva Kraljica Neba i Zemlje

# Croatian Ferries - 2023-02-25

tall waves and salty water make it difficult to see anything through these windows
Photo by Pascal Sommer
enjoying the view as we are approaching the next stop
Somewhere around #coords45°01'00"N 14°29'00"E#

# Cres - 2023-01-31

In the centre of Mali Lošinj
there was an attempt
Average Croatian Viewpoint

# Istria - 2023-01-28

#coords45°07'59.3"N 13°59'56.8"E#
cycling through a former railway tunnel
Limski Kanal
Bridge over the Raša river
Near Rijeka

# Grado - 2023-01-19

Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta, Aquileia.

Note that the bird is vital to the overall composition of this photo.
dog chillin
gotta be among my top 5 trees on this planet

See also #photo1347#
this lookout tower was unfortunately closed off to the public
that's some fancy train shapes right there
heavy rains in Grado

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